About Me

Why, hello there! Allow me to introduce myself.  I am Jeri Simpson and I am a San Diego area photographer.  I also frequent St. Louis, where I am from. I’d love to have some witty banter here that lures you in, but your best bet is to just browse through my work on the other pages.

You’ll find some of my favorite memories on these pages- seniors, engagements, weddings, maternity, and families. Each photo holds a different story and very fond memories for me. Feel free to ask! I’ve witnessed some of the most personal moments for families and have been fortunate enough to see their little ones grow.  To me, portraiture is all about getting to know you and your style then capturing it in still frame. Details are always important and sometimes it’s the littlest things that go unnoticed that end up being some of the most beloved images.

And that’s why I do what I do- because life moves quickly and sometimes we need someone else to slow it down for us.  To show us the importance of a glance or a reach that may have otherwise been overlooked, but may be the very thing that captures our hearts.